If you’re looking for information to discover Rhenen in the Netherlands, look no further than VisitRhenen. VisitRhenen is a Dutch travelblog written by local residents. Especially for our foreign visitors, we have described the most important information in this English article. So come discover Rhenen with us and find a new favorite spot to enjoy!

What’s Rhenen like


Rhenen in the Netherlands is a stunning city.  What we love about Rhenen is that it’s a city where beautiful nature and a cozy city centre are mixed together to a amazing place. The city is almost complety surrounded by nature. With on one side the river Rhine and on the other side the national park Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Beyond that, we are fan of the military history, delicious restaurants and one of the most popular zoos in the Netherlands. Next to the city centre and nature, these things are characteristic for Rhenen. Quite a lot for a city with only twenty thousand residents. We love it!

Where are the best places to stay in Rhenen

Picking your place to stay can make or break your trip. Whether you’re planning to stay for a night or for the week, Rhenen has accommodations to fit every need. Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts or cottages. We’ll share the possibilities so you can choose your best place to stay in Rhenen (aff.).

  • Hotel ’t Paviljoen: This four-star hotel in Rhenen ensures a relaxing stay. Located at the Grebberg close to Ouwehands Zoo.
  • Holiday park Thijmse Berg: Surrounded by forest you can enjoy a nice stay at holiday park De Thijmse Berg.
  • Soof Heuvelrug: Luxury, nature and eco-friendly merge at holiday parc Soof Heuvelrug.
  • B&B Weids: This luxurious Bed and Breakfast is located in Elst (part of the municipality Rhenen) and has a fantastic view over the Rhine.
  • B&B Bovenweg: Enjoy a stay among rural nature. A beautiful bed and breakfast in Rhenen on the edge of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

What is there to do in Rhenen

There is al lot to do when you’re in Rhenen. We’ll share the most popular activities and sights. The number one attraction in Rhenen is Ouwehands Dierenpark. The nationwide known zoo is the only one in The Netherlands were giant pandas life. Next to that, Rhenen is known because of his military history. Thousends of German and Dutch soldiers fought in Rhenen during the start of the Second World War in The Netherlands. Militair Ereveld Grebbeberg is the oldest war cemetery in the Netherlands and a impressive memory of this event.

Rhenen has a cozy city centre. The city centre was rebuilt during the Second World War. It gives the city centre an authentic Dutch character. Historical symbols such as the Binnenmolen, Oude Raadhuis and Cuneratoren have been retained. The 82 meter high Cuneratoren is beautiful! We recommend climbing it if you have the chance. Next to that, the local shops and restaurants create a great atmosphere. Just make a city walk and visit some shops.

There is a lot of nature around Rhenen. Mostly on hilly terrain. This is unique because the Netherlands is generally flat. You can find a combination of forest and river nature in Rhenen. The most popular areas are Grebbeberg, Blauwe Kamer and Plantage Willem III. There are beautiful hiking tracks through these areas.

What are the best restaurants in Rhenen

You can find great restaurants in Rhenen. For a pleasant evening out, lunch or drinks on the terrace, there is always a nice place with tasty food in Rhenen. And you have plenty of choice. From extensive dining to a tasty quick bite. in Rhenen you can enjoy a nice dinner. Whatever your wishes. We’ll share our favorite restaurants.

  • Koning van Denemarken: A café restaurant in Rhenen where you can enjoy a royal meal.
  • Sal do Mar: This restaurant in the heart of Rhenen has a menu full of small snacks. Ideal if you want to taste different dishes.
  • ’t Kalkoentje: Here you will find an oasis of peace and culinary flavors. A delicious restaurant in Rhenen along the Rhine.
  • De Grebbeberg: De Grebbeberg is a cozy restaurant where they make great pancakes.
  • Moeke: Located at the Rhine, this is a popular place to hang out with a nice meal.
  • Het Oude Gemeentehuis: A restaurant where you can enjoy good food. A combination between high quality and an accessible formula.
  • Al Orzaal: This restaurant will let you taste the delicious flavors that the Lebanese cuisine has to offer.

When is the best time to visit Rhenen


Broadly speaking, the summer months, June through August are the best months to visit Rhenen, the Netherlands. The days are especially long in summer. Below you will find an overview:

  • Hottest months: June, July, August, September
  • Coldest months: December, January, February, March
  • Rainiest months: August, September, October, November

What to do near Rhenen

There is a lot to do near Rhenen. Cities such as Utrecht and Arnhem are easy to reach. You can also make beautiful bike rides from Rhenen. A typical Dutch way to explore this region. There are a number of castles in the region. The most popular castles to visit is Kasteel de Haar. Next to that, there are some fantastic museums in the region. Examples are Spoorwegmuseum, Nationaal Military Museum and Openluchtmuseum.

How to get to Rhenen

The Netherlands has a very good public transportation network, which makes it to get to Rhenen. You can use an OV-Chipkaart to reach every destination by train or bus. Rhenen is located in the middle of the Netherlands, making it easy to get there. It has a train connection with Utrecht Central Station, the biggest transit hub in the Netherlands. From Utrecht you can reach any place in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport.